ADBLU is committed to creating and maintaining a Safe and Healthy work environment for all our employees, sub-contractors and other stakeholders.
Our Corporate Health & Safety management system is based on UK and international standards to promote a Safe, Healthy environment for our employees, sub-contractors, clients, suppliers and clients at our work sites.
We strive to understand local culture, client expectations and regulations required where we operate and implement these into our project-specific Health and Safety plans.
// We strive to ensure a safe project environment

ADBLU's Safety Steps


Plan the task and methodology

Risks and Hazards

Identify potential risks and hazards


Assess the risks and hazards

Contingency Planning

Mitigate through contingency planning

Communicate Risks and Plans

Communicate risks and plans to project team members, through action and emergency plans, briefings, tool-box talks and active safety supervision

Our system focuses on proactive, detailed task and work package planning, risk and hazard identification and recognition and development of risk assessments (RAMS) on a per project basis.

This approach ensures that the project management team has taken the time to thoroughly think through the tasks and work packages and assess the potential risks and hazards applicable. Once this has been completed, the project management team develops mitigation plans that are implemented in the event of an identified risk arising thereby reducing the impact on the project.

The Project Management team is responsible for communicating the risks and hazards to the implementation team so that everyone is aware of the risks and can consider them while working on their assigned tasks. We carry out regular toolbox talks with the implementation team as well as a site induction with visitors to the site before they enter. The primary goal is to prevent incidents and accidents. As projects are completed, we take a lessons learned approach to continuously update our policies and systems with best practices.

We always encourage and support our staff to perform their duties in such a way to protect themselves and others. We make sure that we understand local environments and conditions and implement relevant and appropriate procedures to ensure that we protect and create a safe working environment for all staff and stakeholders.