Today’s real estate market is a competitive place and users expect and demand high standards. We can help you develop a remodel or refurbishment plan that can make your space stand out from the competition. Be it an office building, residential homes, restaurant, retail store or other commercial or residential space requiring a simple face lift to update the look and feel or a full refurbishment including extensive electro-mechanical upgrade, building works for redeveloping the layout of the space, we can help.

Our innovative approach to remodelling and refurbishments looks at the value for money and return on investment of the project and helps to identify how a space should be refurbished to extract maximum value for the client. Many of our projects aim to improve building energy efficiency, develop facilities to attract and retain customers and tenants, and secure your investment for the long-term success and use of the asset.

Our team has completed many upgrade and refurbishment projects located in or around occupied buildings and facilities, so we understand the need to manage these types of projects with the maximum consideration for the occupants as possible.

Some of these considerations include hoarding off construction areas to minimise noise, dust and unauthorised access, planning certain activities after normal operating hours and communicating power, plumbing or other services outages to reduce the impact on the occupants as much as possible.


Our Refurbishment Services

Building Updates

Cosmetic, building Interior and Exterior and façade updates


Facilities and Services upgrades

Public Use Areas

Lobbies, bathrooms, car parks, corridors, public stairs


Environmental Services upgrades

Health & Safety Upgrades

Including Electrical Compliance testing and rewires, fall protection

Layout Changes

For the creation, division and upgrade of retail areas, kitchens and storage facilities

Air-Conditioning & Ventilation

System design and upgrades


Energy efficiency and insulation upgrades, transition to sustainable buildings

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