We offer a range of field and building site survey and analysis services that are required by engineers and architects for the development of construction and building / tower strengthening designs, asset database updates and audits.

Field Survey Projects

Country-wide Site Survey Projects

To gather and document field data on hundreds of telecoms sites spread across large geographic areas. The project scopes vary depending on specific client requirements but is typically gathering, recording and organisation of deployed asset information, serial and model numbers, asset condition reporting, photo logs, equipment diagnostics and test data and more.

Geotechnical and Surveys

Our teams have also carried out and coordinated geotechnical and surveys for new building construction sites, telecom and broadcast tower sites and other infrastructure facilities. These studies and field surveys are conducted in close cooperation with the nominated design engineers and architects to ensure that the information gathered is accurate, complete and coordinated to ensure the design process can progress.

Building and Tower Structural Analysis Surveys

We have conducted building and tower structural analysis surveys and generated comprehensive reports for the engineering team to determine current structural condition, possible degradation, corrosion, risk of damage by seismic events, wind loads, capacity to add new equipment to existing towers, building additions and many other purposes.

Our field services can be customised and structured based on your specific requirements to ensure information gathered is fit for purpose.

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